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John's Nephews Say the Darndest Things

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
John has two nephews that we spent some time with this weekend. Cole is five and Alex will be four in July. It seems that these two may be some of the most excited people in our families, and are trying to patiently wait for baby Kate's arrival. Here are some funny things that were said by these two over the period of two days:

Cole when I was pushing on my belly trying to get the baby to kick: "Don't hurt her!"

Alex: "Are you going to poop the baby out?"

Cole: "She must really like cheeseburgers!" (After eating dinner that night she was kicking like crazy!)

Cole: "Did you know you are going to be a mom soon?"

Alex when asked if baby Kate could play with boy toys: "No, she's a baby girl!"

I'm sure that she will grow to idolize these two, who will for sure teach her some naughty but definitely funny tricks to play on Grandma and Grandpa Taylor. : )

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