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Gaining Weight

Thursday, May 7, 2009
This morning I had my week 24 doctor's appointment at 8:45, which is nice because it actually gives me almost an extra hour to get ready and relax in the morning.

These last couple of weeks I have definitely been feeling "fatter". This probably has nothing to do with the cake/candy cravings that I constantly have and have been giving in to! : )

I decided to start working out again, I know I should have been doing this all along but got lazy and took a break, so I went to the gym and worked out this morning. I was really nervous to step on the scale before my appointment and almost didn't look.

So far in this pregnancy I have gained 8 pounds. Which to a non-pregnant person sounds like a ton, but to my doctor is amazing, I guess... She told me that at this point women are usually around a 15 pound weight gain and that it is good to be conscious of how much weight I am gaining. Of course she told me to be careful not to let my heart rate get up too far when working out, but other than that she says I am right on track!

This news definitely lets a HUGE load off of my shoulders!

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