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Strange Woman

Monday, May 4, 2009
On Friday afternoon I left work a tad early (for mental health reasons), and decided when I got home that I needed to work off my frustrations, so what did I do? I cleaned and rearranged the garage! Yay! (Ever since we got the truck it has been a tight squeeze to get both cars in the garage, so this definitely needed to be done.)

While I was working away, this woman started walking up the driveway to talk to me. I have no clue who she is, which is weird in our neighborhood since everyone is pretty friendly and I figure I could pick the majority of my neighbors out of a lineup if necessary : ) Anyways, the dogs were out so she didn't make it too far up the driveway before they attacked her/begged her for attention.

This stranger had the gall to tell me that I shouldn't be working in the garage and lifting things, and then ask me how far along I am. (Let me remind you again she was a STRANGER)

I told her that I was 23 weeks, I still have no clue how she could even tell I was pregnant. I also told her that I am not lifting anything over 30 pounds, and then she kinda just walked away.

Later I pointed her out to John and he had never seen her either, she was still kinda just wandering around the neighborhood, we'll have to keep our eyes out for her...maybe she is a baby snatcher! : )

2 comments to Strange Woman:

Julia said...

haha..that is so weird. I had someone say that to me when I was probably just into the 3rd trimester last summer. I was weeding our vegetable garden and some lady who was walking by told me "You probably shouldn't be doing that while you're pregnant" and I was trying to think something to say back but I was too stunned that she would even say something to me. I remember telling my husband..I'm pregnant, not dead....it's not like I was smoking or drinking. Do people expect preggo women to sit around and eat bon-bons?!? If so, bring me the bon-bons!! haha

I think you find out when you're pregnant and have a kid that EVERYONE has an opinion.

-Julia (Holmblad) Dixon

P.S. i came across your blog when you posted about on facebook. I feel kind of like a stalker! anyways Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

The thing I have hated most about being pregnant is all the unsolicited advice!! Just wait, as you get bigger and look more pregnant, the more people have to say. "Should you be lifting that?" "Should you really be exercising that hard?" Ugh.

Loves to you, John and Baby Kate!

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