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Overnight With Grandma

Friday, November 20, 2009
Tonight John and I are heading out to celebrate a friend's birthday. Since this is an adults only event, we quickly found ourselves a suitable babysitter...


Babysitting while we were gone quickly turned into an overnight with Grandma. This will be the first time that Kate won't be with us overnight.

Of course I completely trust my mom, and know that Kate will be perfectly fine.

The one who may not be perfectly fine is me. But like taking off a band-aid, I should get this first over night out of the way.

I'm sure it will be hard, but on the upside I will be able to sleep in! : ) (Which to me means around 6:00am)

1 comments to Overnight With Grandma:

Kristen said...

Lucky. Can I pick her up on Wednesday? I will probably work until noon and then head home.

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