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Naked Baby

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
My once freeze baby of a little girl has now become the incredible naked baby!

It seems that Kate has now accumulated enough fat on her body so that when she has no clothes on she isn't freezing cold anymore. This change happened slowly, starting with her not crying when her diaper came off. Next she seemed fine while her clothes were changed.

Finally, she has gotten to the point where she loves to be naked.

Yesterday I decided to let her "air out" for a little bit on top of her changing pad. As soon as she had everything off, she was moving around like crazy. There were kicks, leg lifts, arm flails, and punches galore. She had even started rubbing around on her belly trying to grab it with her hands.

Along with this activity, she worked out a couple of good stinkers of course. After hearing, and smelling, a couple I started to get nervous. As most people have heard "Where there's smoke, there's fire."

So I reached down to get a diaper to quickly attach to her cannon of a bottom. When I stood back up the protective sheet over the diaper pad was wet (thank goodness it has a plastic lining) and she gave me the biggest smile.

While I was cleaning it all up, and laughing of course, she continued smiling away seemingly proud of herself for sneaking it out on me like that. What a stinker!

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Kristen said...

What a funny kid

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