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Barely Made It

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
I barely made it into work this morning and it really didn't have much to do with me taking too long to get ready.

I wake up at 4 every morning and by 5 I am ready with a bottle to feed miss Kate when she wakes up. Though there are times when she wakes up around 4:30, but she is perfectly content to swing it out in her swing while I finish getting ready.

After feeding her a bottle I bring her into her room to change her into her daytime clothes. This is a part of my morning where I often get sidetracked. Kate loves to lay in her changing pad, with only a diaper on, and coo and smile away. This is where we have our morning chats.

Today though, she was extra talkative, and when I put her back in the swing so that I could leave for work, she decided there were some more things to tell me. She was getting so excited, moving all around and smiling like crazy, that I just had to sit down on the floor next to the swing and hash it out with her. Ten minutes later, she was getting a little tired, and I looked at the clock and realized that I would have to drive or be late.

It's mornings like these that I wish I could take her to work with me!

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