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A Love Affair With the Man in the Brown Truck

Monday, November 16, 2009
There's no need to worry, this is not a post about a trashy romance straight out of my Grandma's old novels! It is a post about the love affair our beagles have with the UPS man.

When John and I got married we had a lot of gifts delivered to our house. This is the first time that our beagles, Nora and Puller, met the UPS man. Every time that he stopped to deliver a package when I was home, he would give the dogs each a treat.

Now this treat was not the normal small-sized milk bones that we give them, but was the extra large sized milk bones made for dogs the size of a mastiff. I am sure they thought it was one of the best things they had ever received.

It was basically love at first bribe.

Not long after this first meeting the dogs began to recognize the UPS truck and would bark hysterically whenever they would see it, no matter if they were inside or out.

Then, one day I opened up the door to pick up a package that was delivered when we were gone, and there were two dog treats sitting on top of the package. It seems that the UPS man didn't want to dogs to feel left out even if they weren't outside when he came by.

A couple of weeks later, on a Saturday, John let the dogs outside and immediately they started barking like crazy. He got up and started to go outside when he saw the UPS man driving down our street. The driver slowed down by our house, did not stop, but tossed out two bones that the beagles quickly gobbled up. The driver waived at John and continued on his way.

This special relationship is strengthened almost weekly through the tossing of treats out of the moving UPS truck as well as the treats that are left on our delivered packages.

Now I'm sure that there are others out there that have great delivery people, but I just wanted to take a minute to let people know how much our dogs love our favorite UPS driver!

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