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Week 16

Friday, March 13, 2009
We have gotten to week 16 out of 40 of the pregnancy so far.

This week the baby has grown to about the size of an avocado, yummy!

We also may have to start watching what we say as well, just kidding. This week the baby's inner ears are forming and it can now begin to start hearing noises even from inside the womb. Some other things that are forming are eyelashes (maybe some as long as my sister's), hair and taste buds.

Supposedly at this point there is even a chance that gender could be told during an ultrasound, but we are waiting a couple of weeks to find that out. I think that the doctor said the longer you wait the better chance you have of being able to tell accurately.

1 comments to Week 16:

Kristen said...

hopefully if they are as long as mine itś a girl!

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