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Friday, March 27, 2009
So ever since we have gotten back from vacation I have been getting these awful headaches. They don't usually sprout up until early afternoon, but then it seems that I can't shake them. Before I got pregnant I was not a fan of taking medication of any kind, mainly because I didn't like the way that it made me feel. Plus, doesn't it make me tough for waiting it out through the pain? : ) Anyways, now that I am pregnant it is even harder for me to take any medication knowing that anything and everything I ingest will affect the baby.

Tylenol is supposed to be safe to take when pregnant and I did try that on Saturday, which worked. Since then though I have been basically just working through it.

Talking with a friend yesterday she thought it could be because I am not getting enough food. I guess when you are pregnant and the baby starts growing like crazy most women have to switch to six smaller meals a day instead of three normal ones. I thought it might also be because at times I forget to take my vitamin, bad I know but I have always been bad at that sort of thing.

I made sure to have a good snack yesterday afternoon and it seemed to work. I still had a headache, but compared to previous days I could barely tell it was there. So I am hoping that going forward it will get better. If not, then it is obvious my body is just protesting the fact that I am no longer on vacation! : )

2 comments to Headaches:

Kristen said...

maybe it's genetic? the whole body protest to being back from vacation...i'm feeling it too! mini head aches or feet aches or back aches ALL week :(

Kristen said...

AH Ha ha ha...so I just looked at your baby and I was like... third leg? what the heck! i think it's suppose to be the umbilical cord :)

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