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New Car

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So we were successful in buying the car last night! It is a lot bigger than anything we've ever had before, but thankfully it still fits in the garage. : ) It is pretty manly, but that is probably why John likes it so much!
There will definitely be plenty of room for baby! (and Nora and Puller)

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Kristen said...

is that what color it is? It's huge!! I can't believe it actually fits in the garage, but then again John's car is compact. I am waiting on the schedule to be posted...hopefully it's up today! Then I will be home and the car guys haven't called me yet to give me the estimate on how much I will get...ANNOYING! But if I total it out instead of keeping it to sell, maybe they will let me do it in the cities instead of here - then I could just drive down to you. Otherwise my plan is to ride the bus down there and get picked up by someone...I will hopefully know more later today when I get to work! Congrats on the new car! Is that what color is will be?

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