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"Not Me" Monday

Monday, May 10, 2010
This Monday I did not give up trying to get the "Not Me" button working after only two minutes and decide to 'cheat' by naming MckMama's Blog in this hyperlink instead! (By the way, she's just updated her entire blog which turned out really fun, you should check it out!)

I would never order pizza at a restaurant, that had lettuce on top, just because in my mind it was "healthier". And to top it off add some sour cream to the mix to make it even more "low-cal". Mmmm, taco pizza!

When staying in a hotel room, with my 8 1/2 month old daughter and my mom, would not wake up (wide awake) at 3am and not fall back asleep. I would then not quietly walk to the bathroom and proceed to take an hour long shower (to kill time), and then come out of the shower only to fall asleep until 5:30am. This would never cause me to be dead tired for the remainder of the weekend.

Finally, I would never think how much I would enjoy entire house naps on a Sunday (Mother's Day) afternoon. Kate napping in her crib, John snoozing on the chair, Nora and Puller catching some zzzz's under the table and on the footrest, Madeline and Riley catnapping upstairs on our bed, and me stretched out (probably snoring) on the couch. I enjoyed it so much I could probably have "napped" straight through to this morning. But unfortunately that did not happen. : )

Don't forget to check out what Mckmama didn't do last week as well as many others! It's pretty amazing how many other people like to slack off like you do! :)

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