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Bye Bye Swing

Friday, May 21, 2010
Last night we finally did the inevitable. We took down Kate's baby swing. This swing has been an integral part of our child-rearing success to this point, which is why both John and I were/are still a little nervous about it being gone.

Every morning after I get ready, I wake Kate up and get her ready (dressed, fed, time to say hello to our pets, etc.). Then just before leaving the house I bring her upstairs, buckle her into her swing, and turn it on. Sometimes she sits there and plays while it is rocking her gently, and sometimes the gentle rocking helps her to catch some more zzzz's.

Through the last nine months if there has been a night or day where she is extra fussy, the kind of fussiness that a bottle, diaper change, toys, or cuddle can't cure, the swing has always been our fail safe.

I looked up online (as we bought the swing second hand and did not have the instructions) to see what the weight limit was. This research was brought on by the fact that I now had to put the swing at the highest speed just to get it to rock my growing girl, oh and it was starting to sway (a little).

Online at Fisher Price the weight limit was 25 pounds. Now I'm not quite sure how much Kate currently weighs, her nine month appointment is next week, but I know that it has to be more than 20 pounds. That may be a little to close for comfort for me.

So I told her (not that I expected her to understand) that when these batteries ran out, that the swing was going to get put away.

That didn't happen.

Two days ago I bought batteries for a new toy that we had at the house, the wrong size. There was only one other item in the house that used that size of batteries...the swing.

So I ran up, grabbed out the batteries and made the switch, at least she likes the toy, right?

Yesterday morning I put her in the swing, no batteries, and she was fine with it.

Last night I thought of how silly that was.

So, swing retired, and now Kate is lucky enough to play in her pack and play in our bedroom (newly set up at the end of our bed) and will surely wake John up for work if his alarm doesn't do the trick!

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