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Friday, May 7, 2010
Today Kate and I are embarking on our first adventure together. We are heading to Kate's aunt's bridal shower about 4 hours north of where we live.

Making this voyage with us will be Kate's grandma. We even get to stay in a hotel room (another first) so that should be interesting.

Hopefully all goes well, she does really well in the car so that is not my worry. And she'll get to play in the pool so she'll be tired, so sleeping isn't my worry.

I am just worried that I forgot something and will not realize it until it is absolutely needed an unavailable, but I guess that's just how my mind rolls. It could be why we both have our own suitcases that are full for one overnight trip.

I know you are wondering, how does John put up with it? : )

Well he gets a night off that he will fill with processed cheese, Beagles, Tax Cut Coalitions, War Movies, Chips, Beer...and all that other fun stuff he doesn't get to do when Kate and I are home bugging him. In all reality though I bet he'll miss us, or at least her : ).

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