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Mmmmm, Grilled Wrap

Thursday, May 27, 2010
Now with that title, it probably makes people think that I am talking about lunch-time food, right?

Nope, not right.

I am talking about breakfast.

I have the pleasure of working downtown in a very conveniently located building within minutes of walking distance from probably 30 restaurants and even more fast food restaurants.

My waistline though, must constantly fight this so called pleasure. : )

Anyways, one of my favorite breakfasts comes from Brueggers (besides a yummy Key's breakfast of course). It was something I fell in love with at my last job which again was conveniently located near a Brueggers.

They have a breakfast wrap that includes egg, ham (or bacon or sausage if you prefer), jalapeno cream cheese, and to top it off roasted red peppers.

This might not be an appetizing combination to you, but to me it is breakfast heaven. Warm and gooey, salty from the ham, smokey from the peppers, and with a little kick to get me going.

I don't get them very often, due to my fighting waistline, but I did this morning and found out that they just happened to make one of my favorite breakfasts even better!

Brueggers now grills its wraps. So add to the warm melted cream cheese with egg, salty ham, smokey peppers, and jalapeno kick...a crunchy but still softish wrap. Yum!

I can't wait to have another, but I better!

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