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Memorial Day Weekend: Sunday

Monday, May 31, 2010
We had a great time this weekend spending time with family, spending some down time alone at our house, and we even got the garage cleaned out!
On Sunday we went over to my parents' house to spend the day, when we were there my dad and John got rid of some of the excess leaves in their backyard.

Kate got to break in and try out the new swing that her Grandma picked out for her. The faster and higher she was pushed, the happier that she was. Chances are she's going to be a roller coaster enthusiast when she grows up!

Kate chilled for a while in the grass in front of Grandma and Grandpa's house, waiting for Grandma to get back from the store, lucky girl didn't get bit by one mosquito...can't say the same for us!
So Big!

Kate and her pal Darby, these two have always been very intrigued with eachother. I think that Kate likes Darby's bushy, long tail, and I'm pretty sure that Darby likes Kate because she likes to like the leftover food off of her face and hands. : )

Kate likes to remind us just how big she is! This is one of the first tricks that she pulls out of her repertiore when she meets new people, what a showoff!

It was a great and relaxing day, can't wait for another like it!

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