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An Uncomfortable Situation

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
This past weekend on Sunday my family had scheduled our family photos to be taken in Duluth. Since we were both heading the same direction, we decided to car pool with my parents. Being a mother of an infant who eats breast milk, I was going to need to pump in the car throughout the day. Thankfully I have a cover up and besides the noise of the pump I can be quite discreet (I have already had to pump on other road trips). Though I knew I could handle it, I was pretty uncomfortable knowing I would have to pump with my parents in the car!

When we got to the location where we were picking my parents up, they hadn't arrived yet so I decided to pump then and get at least one out of the way. To my surprise the battery pack to power the pump did not work, and this was with 8 brand new batteries. At this point John and I were trying to figure out which locations had private restrooms that would also have outlet plugs in them (we still have no clue thank goodness).

Since I didn't need to pump yet, I decided to wait. John started telling us of this thing you can plug into your car lighter and then it creates a normal plug in that you can plug anything into. We decided to purchase one of these once we got to Duluth. By the time that we did buy it, I had gotten quite uncomfortable and needed to pump asap. Needless to say I did have to pump in the car filled with four adults and one baby, but only once, and by that point I could have cared less!

P.S. I was able to exchange my pump for one that did work correctly the other day, thank goodness!

1 comments to An Uncomfortable Situation:

Ronell said...

Sorry, but that is hilarious! Your poor dad! I can just hear the pump now... sorry, its a sound you never stop hearing in your head!

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