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One Month Old

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Kate is one month old today!

Our little baby is growing like crazy right before our eyes. It is amazing how much she has changed over the past month, but is still so much the same. Some of her mannerisms and faces are so funny that I hope she carries them as she grows up.

At one month Kate:
  • eats between 4 and 4.5 ounces of milk at each feeding.
  • only wakes up for one feeding during the night, on average.
  • can track with her eyes and likes to watch lights, toys, hanging things, etc.
  • recognizes both her daddy and her mommy's faces and voices.
  • recognizes the beagles' barking/howling.
  • recognizes her bottle and likes to flirt with it at times.
  • can lift her head past 45 degrees and hold it while on her belly.
  • can turn her head from side to side when on her belly.
  • can hold her head pretty well when sitting up.
  • squeaks a lot.
  • is awake a lot more and alert.
  • still loves to cuddle, especially with daddy.
  • is beginning to grow out of her newborn clothes and is beginning to fit into her 0-3 month clothes.
  • smiles at daddy and sometimes mommy.
  • still has all of her hair, which may even be getting longer.
  • (she has her Dr. appointment on Friday which is when we will find out her length and weight.)

Happy 1st month Kate!

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