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Child Care Snafu

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
We at one point had found who we thought would be the perfect daycare mom for Kate. She lived in Hugo, was super nice, seemed to have it all together, was on the same page as us in raising kids, and even her rates were reasonable. Due to our procrastination though we have missed our chance with her and she has filled her open infant spot, actually both of them.

A first time parent is never aware of how tough it can be to find infant care. Since the county only lets the providors care for two infants at a time, the spots fill up quick. I think this is especially true in a town like Hugo where there are a lot of younger families because of all the new developments.

We realized this snafu on Thursday night around 6:30pm. Of course once we knew this we both scrambled to call as many providers that we could find. I think that we called every single providor for Hugo, Centerville, Lino Lakes, and Circle Pines that were listed on the State of Minnesota website. At first it seemed like every person that we called had just filled their infant openings. This of course made me really nervous, I think John was just happy I didn't start hyperventilating!

Thankfully we were able to set up quite a few interviews which started on Saturday and go through to Thursday. At this point we have our one favorite, who is slightly more expensive than the rest, but we both believe it will be worth it. We have appointments every night until Thursday and hopefully will then be able to make our decision.

The hardest part for me may be calling the ones that we did not choose to let them know. What do you say, especially to the ones that you did actually like just not as much?

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