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Daddy's Girl

Friday, September 11, 2009
Kate has become quite the little Daddy's girl. It doesn't hurt that she has John wrapped around her tiny but long finger. : )

A couple of days ago she smiled spontaneously for the first time, which basically means the smile had nothing to do with gas or a bowel movement. What made her smile do you ask, well her Daddy of course!

We figured it wasn't a fluke because it has now happened multiple times. John was happy and surprised the first time that he saw it, and I'm sure the strong hold she already had on him just got stronger.

She also is memorized by his voice, especially when he comes home from work at night. Most of the time whenever he starts talking she will wake up just to see that he is home.

She even enjoys watching sports with him, as she watched football with him last night and seemed to enjoy it.

In our house we have a little girl that loves her Daddy just as much as he loves her.

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