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Tip for Interviewing Daycare Moms

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
When you are a daycare mom and are having an interview, show interest in the couple's children. Yes, it is important to make sure they get all of the important information about your service, but you should also be interested in the child.

We have only been to two places, out of five so far, where the providers actually even ask to hold Kate. One lady, who we didn't like right away, looked at her for like five seconds and that was it.

(Our favorite so far waited about two minutes before asking, then held her the entire interview, cuddling and talking to her. She is definitely a baby lover!)

As soon as the two did ask to hold her it was great to see how they would interact with her. I know that they are on their best behavior since it is an interview, but it still does help. A lot of this decision has to be based on gut feelings and reactions, this type of activity really helps!

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