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Winter Olympics

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
John is a huge fan of the Olympics, especially the Winter Olympics!
He has been gearing up for this week filled period of winter sports madness. To help explain how much he loves to watch them, they are on at our house basically from start to finish. Last night, he was even torn, in a dramatic way, because his favorite show Lost was going to be on at the same time as the Olympics.

Whew, well we made it through that crisis. : ) Thank goodness! Lost won out, but I bet he is kicking himself today since I hear there were some falls during the skiing last night that I bet he missed.

Anyways, he remembers watching the Olympics with his mother growing up. She is as equally thrilled with them as he is.

And what does a guy, who grew up with the tradition of watching the Olympics do when he becomes a daddy?

He shares that tradition with her of course. It looks like she is enjoying herself doesn't it? (He looks like he would be enjoying himself more if I took the camera out of his face!)

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