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A New Fan

Thursday, February 11, 2010
It's not uncommon for people to gravitate towards a baby. Even before I had a baby of my own I would be automatically drawn towards others that were carting them around, if not to talk to the person, just to sneak a quick peek at the baby all cute and cuddly.

Kate, just like all the other babies in the world, is right on track in this category. Lately she has even been smiling at strangers which really surprises me and of course delights them.

Just last night when we went to the gym she charmed another onlooker (ie. worker) and added her to her ever expanding posse of fans. When I went to pick up Kate from the childcare center at the gym, there was one worker (who I later learned only has little boys) who was really disappointed to see her go.

As I was walking in I noticed her sitting down with Kate on some mats with a book, ready to sit with her and read a story. How cute is that!?! I let her know that we would be back the next day, and she was pretty excited since she would be working. Hopefully Kate does just as well.

A little end note: I never expected the childcare at the gym to be so attentive to the kids. We go to the YMCA and the staff there is amazing! The fact that one of the caregivers was going to read Kate a story and give her attention like that really solidified why we chose this gym.

(P.S. Heidi - we had to switch from Snap to the YMCA for the child care option...don't be mad!)

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