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The Plague

Friday, February 26, 2010
It has been quite a long time since my last post, but I have a good excuse...the bubonic plague has swept through our family and our house.

Okay, not really the bubonic plague, but probably the worst cold any of the three of us has gotten for a really long time, like years (or ever in Kate's case).

Thankfully it is almost completely gone and only is evident by my/Kate's/John's lingering phlegm coughs as well as Kate's daily medicine.

Last Wednesday is when it really started to hit me, and by Friday I could barely breathe without coughing up a lung. Soon this spread to Kate who was coughing (surprisingly sounding a lot like me even though she is so much smaller), full of snot, and had a fever.

Kate sitting in her Bumbo while I worked from home, this was the day before the night we brought her into the ER. Though she was sick, she was always smiling!

We ended up heading to the emergency room on Monday night with Kate and found out that she actually had an ear infection, hence the daily medication mentioned above. The reason that we went was because she was having trouble breathing, which was only due to the large amount of crud in her lungs from the cold.

Kate relaxing in her chair, unless she was sleeping this is as relaxed as she would get, the stinker.

So after having everyone in the family miss either work, daycare, or family events we are all finally on the mend.

Our house has been cleaned, which I swear is helping us to feel better. There is nothing like killing all of those cold germs with a little bit (a lot) of bleach!

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