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Talk About Self-Sufficient

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
John and I were lucky with Kate and thankfully continue to be. Now that statement could apply to everything about her, but this time I am actually talking about how our little girl has been a really good sleeper from the get go.

Every night she gets her PJ's on, has a bottle, and then we put her to bed in her crib. She is out like a light as soon as we turn on her little music machine hanging on her crib and shut the door.

On Monday morning though when she woke up I guess that she decided she would rather just go back to sleep...

...so she turned on her music machine all by herself!

I heard the faint music playing through the baby monitor and peeked in to see her moved over to the side of the crib next to the music machine with both of her hands up touching the machine where the on button is.

Pretty soon now she won't even need us anymore!

1 comments to Talk About Self-Sufficient:

Kristen said...

I told you! I don't think she turned it on when I was there, but she was definately trying! What a smart little peanut!

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