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"Not Me" Monday

Monday, April 26, 2010

This week I did not put off working out until the very last minute, which means I of course do not have to work out at the gym every day until the end of the month to get my required days for our company discount. No way would I be that lazy!

I hope to not have a sassy child, which is why I for surely did not laugh after my daughter started grunting a sass back after being told no this weekend. And now this is what I have gotten myself into:

Kate reaches for her dish of baby food. I tell her, "Kate no" and move her hand away. She looks up at me "Grugh!". Lovely, yes?

Finally my entire family did not find it completely hilarious when Kate made up her own sign this weekend. Picture a flat open palm and then pound your fist into it once, hard. We're not sure what it means but we're pretty sure it isn't good! Is it funnier that she did it to Grandma first?!? : )

2 comments to "Not Me" Monday:

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it meant something nice...my little blue eyed angel girl

Natasha said...

My four year old has been doing the grunting. Thankfully, I think we've about gotten him out of it.

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