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Not Me Monday!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Our child never has a messy face, well she does, but it doesn't last long. That wouldn't be because we let our dogs, with their icky dog breath, clean her off. We always wipe her with a towel, not a dog tongue, of course!

I didn't do a new work out one day last week and neglect to do it again for the remainder of the week because I was so sore. I would never be that out of shape, would I? I would also never create a mantra that went a little like this: "Please don't poop your diaper." while running at the gym (who wants their kid to cause them to stop mid-workout, our gym childcare doesn't change diapers).

Finally I never would chase after my parents' dog, we were dog-sitting, down my street only to have her poop in someone else's yard. That would never happen! I also wouldn't walk all the way down the street with our pooper scooper in hand instead of a easy to conceal bag. Oh and this would never be done in sweats, with bed-head, and no makeup. (My poor neighbors!)

By the way, I would never create a "Not Me Monday" that centered around #2, no way, not me! : )

1 comments to Not Me Monday!:

Amanda, Kevin, and Landon said...

Too funny! I too had a blog post centered around #2 the other day. The things we write about when we are moms!

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