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Eight Months Old!

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Kate turned eight months old today! I have heard people say that now is the time that babies go through the most physical ability changes that it is pretty amazing, and I would have to agree.

She loves to eat her solid food. Some of the newer things she has been eating are toast, cheese, eggs, Gerber snacks, turkey, and chicken. She has mastered the art of drinking out of the sippy cup, but would still rather have someone else hold it for her. When we give the cup to her to see if she will drink on her own, it magically transforms from a cup to a toy!

Her pack and play got transformed as we moved the level down to the bottom. She now gets to take her daytime naps with all of her "friends". Here she was sitting up and playing with them and then somehow ended up laying amongst them all.

This is the look she gives us when we interrupt her. She was obviously enjoying her time laying with all these stuffed animals she has grown to love!

For Easter we got to spend time with a lot of family. Kate of course was the coolest one there in her shades that she got from her Grandma!

She even got to play with toys that her cousins had played with when they were babies, new toys are always fun!

One of her favorite things is to sit up and play with her piano. She likes to get the music going and then will wiggle and clap her hands to it. We have found that she also likes the same music that we do through her wiggling, hand-clapping, and kind of singing when we play it. I am sure that this will change as she gets older, which is fine as long as she isn't in to Hannah Montana!

Basically we are having a blast, and it seems like she is too. She continues to find both the dogs and our cat Madeline very funny. Each morning when I take her out of her crib the first thing she does is look down for Madeline. You should see the smile she gets when she first spots her, it is blinding!
We are looking forward to teeth and introducing her to a whole new range of foods. The little tip of tooth that was sticking out a week ago decided to sneak right back into her gums. We are excited for the day that her teeth grow out enough to stay out, I bet she'll be even more adorable then!

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