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Friday, April 23, 2010
Kate is an immobile baby, which is something that we as parents are completely fine with.

She is perfectly content to sit and play with what is in front of her, which is awesome because it makes it a lot easier to keep her entertained!

Yesterday John found out about something that was happening at daycare that is not helping to entice her to become a mobile baby.

When Kate is at J's house for daycare and she gets bored with the toy or toys that she is currently playing with, she will do a shortened version of her pterodactyl scream (it almost sounds like a little bark, wonder where she is imitating that from--beagles). When the other kids hear this, they will actually stop what they are doing or playing with get up, grab another toy, and bring it over for Kate to play with.

She basically has them trained!

What a little stinker! : )

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