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Kate's First 4th of July

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Kate's first 4th of July weekend was filled with tons of fun, family, and friends! She was lucky enough to spend most of her time in the water on both Saturday and Sunday, and she loved it!

She had some bbq in Blaine on Sunday

More Grandma!

She got to sit in her very own chair.

She got to scream and yell, just for fun!

After too much screaming and yelling, she got dunked...just kidding!

She swam and splashed in a regular diaper.

She went for a horse back ride (Darby back ride).

She got snuggled by her Dad when her lips started turning blue and her toes started getting wrinkly from all the water time.

She spent some quality time in the pool with her best bud Darby.

She learned how much fun it is to pull up on the side of the pool...with no casualties believe it or not.

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