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Big Cheese

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Kate loves cheese, well she did before she realized how much she loved fruit...all fruit.

How did we find out that she likes fruit way more than she likes cheese (not that she doesn't like it)?

When I filled up her tray last night for dinner, I put on the tray some chicken (she always only picks at meat), provolone cheese, raspberries, kiwi, and red grapes.

In her normal order she at the raspberries, then the red grapes, and then the kiwi. Finally she started on the cheese, with each tiny piece that she put in her mouth she followed with the same reaction...a couple of good chews (aka gums) on the cheese, then mouth open, tongue flailing, cheese back out onto the tray.

But, when we give her cheese first, she gobbles it all up. What a silly girl!

She has also started making some pretty cheesy faces once the camera comes out, hope you think they are as funny as we do!

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