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No Way, Not Me!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
I know that I have missed the last few weeks of "Not Me Monday" that was started by Mckmama, and I know it is a Wednesday, but this I just had to share.

(I can picture my husband shaking his head as he reads this.)

Last night Kate made a mess, and it did not stay in her diaper. Me unsuspecting of this large of a mess picked her up from her high chair and turned around to lay her down in her pack and play to change her.

The next thing I know I have poop all the way up my forearm and all over my hand. I turned around to look at the highchair and sure enough, it was there too.

At this point I wasn't sure where in her clothing it was coming out so I picked her up and carried her upstairs (by her armpits, not that she even noticed) to assess and clean up the damage.

I should tell you that she did not have a cover on her changing pad at this point since she had an explosion the prior night as well.

As I was cleaning everything up I quickly washed my arm/hands and took my rings off in preparation to give the stinky one a bath...much needed.

I didn't put my rings back on until I was about to leave this morning, and it was in the dark.

I made it all the way to work and sat down at my desk. All of a sudden I realized that I could smell something a little funky. At first I figured I must have stepped in one of the dogs' gifts that they leave outside for us.

Do you see where this is going...

There was Kate poop on my ring. And not just on my ring, but on the main diamond.

After laughing to myself, that this would only happen to me. I quickly took the ring off and cleaned it up in the bathroom.

Ahh, the joys of motherhood! : )

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