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Two Whole Months

Monday, October 19, 2009

I seriously cannot believe that Kate has been with us now for two months. It is pretty amazing to think back at how much she has changed over that time.

She had her two month wellness checkup at the doctor's office this morning. Daddy had to be the unlucky one to bring her in for a handful of shots. She weighed in at 11 pounds and 15 ounces and is just over 22.5 inches long.

One of the things we have noticed lately besides her significant increase in smiling and "talking", is that she has started figuring out what her hands are. There are times when she is looking at something and she will slowly reach out her hand and hit it or touch it. Besides that the coordination is still pretty low, but it is amazing how far it has come!

She started daycare last Tuesday and seems to be loving it. I am loving it since it is causing her to sleep through the night. She loves to sit and try to stay awake all day just to see what the other kids are doing. John and I think that she gets pretty spoiled there all day!

Bath time is becoming a longer process, not a bad one though. She loves to sit in the water and has just recently learned how to splash with both her legs and arms at the same time. There was one bath where she was having so much fun that the water got cool and had to be refreshed. What a lucky girl!

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