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A New Way to Eat

Thursday, October 22, 2009
Kate has created a new way to eat. Instead of just sucking on her bottle during feedings, she now uses the "soon to be patented" suck, chew, and tongue method.

She starts out her feeding by sucking on the bottle, as does every good baby. Then part way through, usually a couple of times, she brings out her new method. She will stop sucking and start chewing on the bottle instead, next she will push the bottle around in her mouth with her tongue. Eventually she does go back to sucking, but may throw in a couple more rounds of chew and tongue before the feeding is over.

Sometimes she will stop everything all together, look up at me with the bottle still in her mouth, and give me a huge goofy grin. It's almost as if she is saying, "I may be the silliest girl in town, you are supposed to suck your bottle not chew it!"

Does this mean that I am too patient with her while she is eating? I guess it doesn't really matter because it is worth stretching her feedings for a few extra minutes to get that grin out of her! It is a heart melter and usually makes me get a good chuckle.

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