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Pee on the Pillow

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
So for my first post I thought it would be fun to share how John found out he was going to be a father. A month prior to this moment we had discussed the possibility of trying to have a baby. I was 100% on board, but at this point I think John was only at about 75%. As any good husband knows though, once a woman has an idea or notion in her head it is impossible to get it out. Knowing he was starting to come around to the idea, John agreed to give it a try.

This brings me to Friday,December 20th, 2008. For the few days leading up to this point I could swear I was starting to get the applicable pregnancy symptoms (sore boobs, tiredness, crampy), but I had told John that I wasn't going to take a pregnancy test until that next Sunday. On the way home that day I just couldn't wait any longer, I knew that something had to be going on down there. I was actually so excited that I couldn't even wait for John to get home from work and did the test right away when I walked in the door.

I was extremely surprised in a good way when the test read positive. For the next ten minutes I dances around the house, with the beagles, celebrating my great fortune. Then I had to decide the best way to tell John. He often changes right away when he gets home from work, so I decided to wrap up the end of the test and place it on his pillow upstairs. When he got home, go figure, he didn't go upstairs to change right away. About half an hour later he made his way up, with me following him. When he saw the test I think he was in shock, becuase his first comment was "You peed on that and then put it on my pillow? Gross, now there is probably pee on my pillow." After I assured him that I had tightly wrapped up the desecrated end of the test to be sure of no transfer, he was then able to show his excitement, though I do think he was still thinking about the not even possible pee on his pillow.

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