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Commute + Snow = Potty Brake

Thursday, February 26, 2009
So the snow is quickly piling up all over the place outside today, and you know the equation:
More Snow = Longer Commute Home

I am hoping that it isn't too bad by the time I leave, especially since it seems like everyone who works downtown is leaving early! I really am only wondering though becuase I am nervouse about having to pee halfway home and being stuck on a bus. I really couldn't imagine much worse right now, especially if I have to stand the whole way becuase the bus is packed!

At least I can be entertained by the book I brought and/or the tv shows on my ipod, or even peoplewatching my fellow riders. If you want to read some really funny and super weird stories of poeple's commutes with metro transit check out:


Thankfully my bus ride is not as exciting as some of those who have posted at that site!

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