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Guess Who?

Friday, August 20, 2010
Which toddler (woah does that look weird) has grown to the height of 30 3/4 inches and is weighing in at 22 1/2 pounds?

That would be our little pumpkin Kate!

We all went together to her 1 year doctor's appointment yesterday, which was not as traumatic for us as it was for her.

All was well until she had to have her finger pricked, and it wasn't the pricking of the finger that got her all upset...it was the fact that we had to hold her hand (she hates this) and the fact that afterwards she had a bandaid on her finger (now we know she hates this). Each time she re-realized that the bandaid was still on her finger, she tried to get it off, but when she couldn't...then the Oscar-worthy tears and hysterics would come back. The funniest part about it though is that they would last for only about 2-3 seconds, and be over....can you say faker? : )

Here's a picture of her in her new hat (from Darby the crazy golden retriever) on her birthday last Sunday.

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